AIX check the HBA status

The P5/6/7 hardware loaded with AIX. How to check the FC HBA status?

This command lists all devices available in AIX system.


Among all devices, look for FC HBA adapter by using below command.

#lsdev –Cc adapter |grep fcs*

If the HBA’s listed with the status “available” then the device is ready for use. If case your HBA device not listed, run the below command and retry.


Identify WWPN of HBA

To check the properties of HBA device “fcs0”

#lscfg –vpl fcs0

The parameter named “Network Address” is the WWPN of FC HBA adapter. You need to share WWPN with storage personal for zoning and LUN allocation.

Advanced attributes of HBA

To see advanced attributes or properties of FC HBA adapter use these commands.

#lsattr –El fcs0
#lsattr –El fscsi0

FSCSI – This is a virtual device. This means “SCSI” protocol over the FC. For each HBA adapter equivalent FSCSI device created automatically. Above command list the properties of FSCSI device.

HBA connection status

To check the HBA adapter connection status use this command.

#lsattr –El fscsi0 |grep attach
attach       switch       How this adapter is CONNECTED         False

The above output says HBA connected to switch.

#lsattr –El fscsi0 |grep attach
attach       none       How this adapter is CONNECTED         False

The above output confirms HBA link is down.

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