Resolve cib digest error

Sometimes our cib.conf (which is pacemaker cluster configuration file) might accumulate with white spaces. With current running live file we will not see any impact. But the actual headache starts when you close and reopen the cib.conf. Which means completely stop cluster service in all nodes and start back.

During cluster service startup it calculates md5 checksum value and compare with the one available in system. Here we get mismatch error and service startup will be failed.

As a temporary fix remove white space in cib.conf using below command.

#cibadmin -Q -o configuration | sed ‘s/^\s*//’ | sed ‘s/\s*$//’ | tr -d ‘\n’ | sed ‘s/ /\\n/g’| xmllint –copy – | cibadmin -R -o configuration -p

You must recreate md5 checksum value to have safe cluster operation.